Figure Modelling No.23

MrBlack Publications released their 23rd issue of Figure Modelling Series.As usual, the book is in A4 format with a laminated cover and 52 pages. The book offers 7 articles of well-known painters- regular and new contributors- from Ancient times to World
Gassed! — Painting a WWI Diorama for Box Art Using Acrylics & Enamels? 54mm (1/32)

Max W?nsche, Kharkov 1943 — Painting a Full Figure of a WWII Personality in 1/16 Scale Using Acrylic Paints? 120mm (1/16)

Viking Raid — Creating an Eye-Catching Historical Vignette by Improving Commercial Pieces with Some Scratch Building Techniques? 54mm (1/32)

Ardennes Offensive — Creating an Eye-Catching Small Diorama in Winter Terrain Combining Commercial Kits, Figures and Material? 50mm (1/35)

A Knight in the Holy Land, XII Century — Painting a Medieval Knight Templar Using Acrylics Paints &Vallejo Metal Color? 75mm

World War One British Artilleryman — Painting a 75mm British Artilleryman Using Acrylics? 75mm (1/24)

Greek Freedom Fighter 1821 — Painting an Interesting Historical Theme from the Greek Revolution Using Acrylic Colours? 54mm (1/32)

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