Lasercut windows & more

Yen Models, owned by Yen Kwie Drenth, is a Belgium based scale modelling webshop offering 1:35th scale wooden, PE and plaster cast diorama related kits, accessories and materials by various brands and designers.
Yen started out launching LSG Europe Laser Kits during Scale Model Challenge-event in Veldhoven (NL) in 2015, then continued as Yenmodels after having expanded the range with Kartonmodels, Powertex, JoeFix and YM?s Private Label. More brands and products are continuously being added and developed.

Here comes some of their products and you may see more and more at Yen Models website

YML35007 Industrial Window

YML35008 Factory Window

YML35009 Warehouse Window

YML35010 Sword Grids

YML35011 Generic Windowframe

YML35012 Hexagonal Grids

YML35013 Diamond Grids

A35037 Church Benches

JFX973 Barbed Wire

JFX974 Razor Wire

FYI — Yen Drenth demonstrates how to paint industrial, factory and warehouse windows and add effects on 22 step-by-step photos on the first of issue of DioraMag

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