Italian Softskin

IBG Models has finally revealed its upcoming kit -- a Lancia 3Ro truck that will come mounted with a 100mm howitzer.
Seen at their social media site is the box-art, and photos of the pre-production model built and painted by Konrad Dzik.

Watch this space for updates!
Italian Softskin 0Italian Softskin 1Italian Softskin 2Italian Softskin 3Italian Softskin 4Italian Softskin 5Italian Softskin 6Italian Softskin 7Italian Softskin 8Italian Softskin 9Italian Softskin 10Italian Softskin 11Italian Softskin 12Italian Softskin 13Italian Softskin 14Italian Softskin 15Italian Softskin 16Italian Softskin 17Italian Softskin 18Italian Softskin 19
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