NVA Tankers&Artillery Crew

Paracel Miniatures October releases are 3 NVA kits from Vietnam War.
Figures depict NVA tankers and artillery crew.

All figures sculpted in 1/35 scale by Giang Xuan Le and resin cast. Boxarts painted by himself and Ryan Thuan.

NVA-3509 NVA Tanker Vu — It is time for Vodka.

NVA-3510 NVA Tanker Commander 3 Phong Vu — 2 figures kit of 3508 and 3509

Paracel Miniatures also released a 5 figure kit BVN-3505 NVA Artillery Crew for Soviet D-20 152 mm Towed Gun Howitzer — Trumpeter 02333

Paracel's figures and accompanying sets can be seen here: http://www.paracelminiatures.com/
NVA Tankers&Artillery Crew 0NVA Tankers&Artillery Crew 1
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