Shattered Glass

Artefakt Diorama Accessories is a new company, and their first product replicates realistic broken window glass in ruined buildings or vehicles.
The product comes ready to use and is made from an acrylic material, making it look just like broken glass, without the danger of cutting yourself

The contents of the jar are irregular, there are bigger and smaller shards of glass, just like when breaking real glass.
It can be glued using diluted white glue (which dries transparent), or you can use a product like Scenefix from Treemendus.

If the sparkle and shine is too much, dust it slightly with pigments or give some of the shards a dusty wash, after the glue has dried.

If you are attending SMC at Eindhoven this weekend, it will be available at the stand of Yenmodels.

Shattered Glass 0Shattered Glass 1Shattered Glass 2
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