M1 Flatrack

MMK models the M1 Flatrack, an open-top and side shipping platform used by the US Army and allies in transporting oversized cargo.
Flatrack M1 (F3067). The kit contains resin and photo-etched parts. A decal sheet completes the offering.
M1 Flatrack 0M1 Flatrack 1M1 Flatrack 2M1 Flatrack 3M1 Flatrack 4M1 Flatrack 5M1 Flatrack 6M1 Flatrack 7M1 Flatrack 8M1 Flatrack 9M1 Flatrack 10M1 Flatrack 11M1 Flatrack 12M1 Flatrack 13M1 Flatrack 14
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