New Mud Shades

VMS is refreshing Smart Mud XL diorama product with 5 new colours and a new instructional video.
As of now Smart Mud comes in 5 new colours which are:
  • EU Chernozem (Dark Earth) warm tone
  • Clay rich earth
  • Light Sand
  • Red Earth brown tone
  • Red earth orange tone

Smart Mud XL is an innovative kind of product which will help one create all kinds of terrains. To use it one needs to mix the pre-coloured resin with texturing material in 1:1 ratio and then thicken the system to his preference using bundled activator.

The DIY nature of the product has the following advantages:
You may prepare dry, partially wet (satin) or wet mud with the same one product using different texturing material to resin ratios? you are not tied to one finish,
You can regulate thickness and texture using activator make looser or thicker paste depending on your project,
Ready-made diorama pastes age and cake, Smart Mud XL is always factory fresh,
Bases are very durable, will not break like plaster bases etc.
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