le.gl.Einheits-Pkw Kfz.1

ICM announces a new le.gl.Einheits-Pkw Kfz.1 WWII German Light Personnel Car.
The kit will have a detailed chassis and includes the engine.

Additionally, ICM has bundled their Taxi de la Marne and French Infrantry Set on a single box.
le.gl.Einheits-Pkw Kfz.1 0le.gl.Einheits-Pkw Kfz.1 1le.gl.Einheits-Pkw Kfz.1 2le.gl.Einheits-Pkw Kfz.1 3le.gl.Einheits-Pkw Kfz.1 4le.gl.Einheits-Pkw Kfz.1 5le.gl.Einheits-Pkw Kfz.1 6le.gl.Einheits-Pkw Kfz.1 7le.gl.Einheits-Pkw Kfz.1 8le.gl.Einheits-Pkw Kfz.1 9le.gl.Einheits-Pkw Kfz.1 10le.gl.Einheits-Pkw Kfz.1 11le.gl.Einheits-Pkw Kfz.1 12le.gl.Einheits-Pkw Kfz.1 13
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