Wittman's Last Tiger

There are fewer more famous tanks than the mighty Tiger, and there?s no German ace better known than Hauptsturmf?hrer Michael Wittmann. Now Dragon combines the two elements in an impressive 1/35 scale offering that will become available January, 2019
The box contains the very last Tiger I? a Late-Production variant? that Wittmann was commanding during the fighting near Cintheaux in Normandy in 1944. Wittmann had a command tank with ?007? emblazoned on the turret.

Until now, it?s not entirely clear who destroyed his Tiger, but the turret was blown off in a bitter confrontation and the entire tank crew was killed. After knocking out some 135 enemy tanks himself during the course of WWII, this was Wittmann?s final battle.

It?s certainly convenient to have everything ?007? needs included in one box, and the kit also includes molded-on Zimmerit to save the modeler bother and time.
Not only that, but there?s a brand new figure of Wittmann the legendary tank commander.

Finally, the box-top artwork is produced by the famed Ron Volstad, ensuring that this kit will be a collectors? item for many years to come.
Wittman's Last Tiger 0Wittman's Last Tiger 1Wittman's Last Tiger 2
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