Books on the Priest, Bradley, Abrams, and More

Starting this month, new titles from David Doyle?s Images of War feature select US fighting vehicles and artillery from the Second World War up to the present.
M12 Gun Motor Carriage (November)
Spread through 144 pages, almost 200 photos, nearly even divided between photos of the sole surviving example and vintage development and combat photos, including numerous previously unpublished images, chronicle the history of this pioneering self-propelled gun and its companion M30 ammunition carrier.

M2/M3 Bradley (December)
Through over 300 hundred color photos, the bulk previously unpublished, Images of War: M2/M3 Bradley explores America's premier Infantry Fighting Vehicle in an unprecedented level of detail. Go inside and out the modern-day icon, then ride it into battle through the myriad of photos presented in this book. Also included is detailed coverage of the potent Bradley variant, the M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System.

M1 Abrams (January)
Spread through 232 pages, over 300 photos, which are a mix of operational photos as well as detailed photos of multiple variants, including numerous previously unpublished images, chronicle the history of the premier armored vehicle of the US military.

M7 Priest (February)
The M7 Howitzer Motor Carriage, dubbed the Priest, was the most successful and widely used example of American self-propelled artillery during WWII. Examples continued to be used by the U.S. Army during the Korean war, and beyond, even serving Allied countries into the 1970s. 160 pages, 210 photos

Atomic Cannon (March)
Through historic photos, this volume traces the development, production and deployment of this iconic piece of military equipment from the drawing boards to the Cold War. 385 color and black and white photos, 232 pages.

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