Maps, flags, signs, propaganda and more

Duplicata Productions announces a number of new sets including more Vietnam maps in multiple scales, large zombie signs and Vietnam ads, targets, Vietnam road signs, and several Nowegian WW2 sets.
The new sets are:
  • Vietnam War Maps: 8 total sets in 1/35, 1/16 and 1/6. Covers the Southern/Mekong region.
  • Large Zombie Apocalypse Signs in 1/35 scale.
  • Vietnam Road Signs: A total of 6 sets in 1/35
  • Large Vietnam Ad Billboards: 4 sets in 1/35
  • «Bad Guy» targets: 2 sets in 1/35
  • Norwegian WW2 Flags, Ads, Propaganda and Announcement Posters: All 5 sets in 1/35
Maps, flags, signs, propaganda and more 0
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