BT-2 (Early)

Hobby Boss shares additional information and photos of its recently released kit.
Soviet BT-2 Tank (Early) (84514). The injection-molded kit contains over 260 parts spread over 10 sprues. It features a multi-slide moulded turret and lower hull, photo-etched details, as well as individual track links. The built model dimensions: 163.9mm (L) by 63.7mm (W).
BT-2 (Early) 0BT-2 (Early) 1BT-2 (Early) 2BT-2 (Early) 3BT-2 (Early) 4BT-2 (Early) 5BT-2 (Early) 6BT-2 (Early) 7BT-2 (Early) 8
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