Heavy Mortars

Vargas Scale Models is a new company that produces highly detailed WW1/WW2 Mortars that are 3d printed along with resin parts.

Their catalogue already includesthe French de 150mm T Mle 1917 Fabry, German 25cm schwere Minenwerfer and the 240mm LT Mle16 Batigonlle Trench Mortar.

Also recently released a highly detailed wood bunker kit, plus a 38cm sehr schwere Minenwerfer and anItalian Obice 305/17 Modello 16 Affusto De Stefano ?Simply Amazing? slated for 2019 release.

At this moment the website is in progress, but you can purchase straight from the manufacturer or through ebay.

Heavy Mortars 0Heavy Mortars 4Heavy Mortars 5Heavy Mortars 6Heavy Mortars 7Heavy Mortars 8
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