TIGER - A German heavy tank collection

Modelling Workshop Publications has launched a kickstarter campaign to fund their first book, which will be focused on Tiger tanks.
The book will feature a selection of models in 1:35 and 1:48 scales of WW2 German heavy tanks — from the Tiger I and King Tiger to the Elefant, the Sturmtiger and the monumental Jagdtiger — showcasing the know-how from the renowned modelers Jos? Luis L?pez Ruiz with his unpublished King Tiger «What If» and Johan Camus (Modelling Workshop)… and more guest authors to unlock,.
Tiger — A German heavy tank collection offers a 96-pages comprehensive overview of building, painting and weathering techniques, no less than 6 fully illustrated step-by-step as well as a selection of archival photographs rarely seen or unpublished hitherto.

? Tiger I — Normandy June 7, 1944 — Road to Morgny | 1:48 Diorama by Johan Camus
? Elephant — Eastern front | 1:35
? Technique: Paint & weather a winter whitewash
? Sturmtiger | 1:48
? Technique: Reproduce an Ambush camo pattern
? Jagdtiger — Germany April 16, 1945 | 1:35 by Johan Camus
? King Tiger Porsche Turm — Chateaudun August 1944 | 1:35 Diorama by Johan Camus
? King Tiger Henschel turm «What if» — Feat. Jos? Luis L?pez Ruiz | 1:48

The book and all extras offered during this campaign are Kickstarter exclusive and will not be available in retail.

You can get more information and join the campaign here
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