Previously announced, Italeri provides further information and photos on its latest Soviet armor kit.
T34/85 Zavod 183 Mod. 1944 (6545). Kit highlights:

  • 100% new moulds
  • glueable rubber tracks or link-and-length tracks
  • fully detailed interior and engine
  • photo-etched parts
  • decal sheet for four finishing options

T-34/85 0T-34/85 1T-34/85 2T-34/85 3T-34/85 4T-34/85 5T-34/85 6T-34/85 7T-34/85 8T-34/85 9T-34/85 11T-34/85 12T-34/85 13T-34/85 14T-34/85 15T-34/85 16
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