Issue #212

Close to the end of the year, the new issue of Hobbyworld offers five modelling articles with cars, dioramas, aircraft and sci-fi

The contents of November's issue are:

  • Porsche 956B Ducados Tamiya model of the car from Le Mans race in 1985 by Miguel ?ngel del Valle.
  • Colonial Raptor, a Battlestar Galactica model by Lucas Gan.
  • Paradise Lost, a late war 1/35 diorama with a Jagdtiger by Bernard Bassous.
  • F-104S Starfighter, Hasegawa 1/48 kit in Italy's light grey by Oto Drobik.
  • Dad?s Auto Body, an old Ford Model A at 1/24 scale built and painted by Raphael Truffi Bortholuzzi, including a nice base.
  • AIME Elche 2017/03 contest photo report by Mario Tornel.

As usual, it is also available in English for digital purchase

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