MiniArt is soon to release its kit on this Soviet self-propelled rocket launcher that will come with interior details.

While Katyusha rocket artillery was typically seen mounted on truck chassis, there was also a variant on a tracked vehicle: the BM-8-24, which used the chassis of T-40 and T-60 light tanks as platform. Crewed by 2, it was fitted with a 24-rail rocket projector, and fired 82mm rockets. More than 600 of these vehicles were produced.

BM-8-24 Self-Propelled Rocket Launcher (35234). Kit highlights:

  • highly detailed model
  • fully detailed driver?s and engine compartments
  • GaZ-202 engine accurately represented
  • two boxes with rockets
  • photo-etched parts included
  • clear parts included
  • all hatches can be posed open or closed
  • decal sheet included

Sprue images may be seen at:

BM-8-24 0BM-8-24 1BM-8-24 2BM-8-24 3BM-8-24 4BM-8-24 5BM-8-24 6BM-8-24 7BM-8-24 8
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