Cobbelstone Structure Roads

NOCH continues to create and release new thoroughfares to modeling perfection with this range of STRUCTURE ROADS - COBBLESTONES..

NOCH Structure Roads are made of natural raw materials like quartz sand and rock powder to most authentically replicate a natural surface look and feel. Those materials also provide a realistic appearance and a very high UV resistance. Innovative use of technology creates high flexibility for Structure Roads.

There are five types available:

    Structure Road «Cobblestone», Ref. 60312: 7,5 cm (almost 3 inches, or 21 feet in HO-1/87) wide, 50 cm (almost 22 inches, or 142? feet in HO) long.
    Structure Place «Cobblestone?, Ref. 60314: 15,5 x 21 cm
    Structure Curve „Cobblestone?, Ref. 60316: 7,5 cm wide, 32 cm long
    Structure Road “Roman Pattern?, Ref. 60322: 7,5 cm wide, 50 cm long
    Structure Place „Roman Pattern?, Ref. 60324: 15,5 x 21 cm
Cobbelstone Structure Roads 0Cobbelstone Structure Roads 1Cobbelstone Structure Roads 2Cobbelstone Structure Roads 3Cobbelstone Structure Roads 4Cobbelstone Structure Roads 5Cobbelstone Structure Roads 6Cobbelstone Structure Roads 7Cobbelstone Structure Roads 8Cobbelstone Structure Roads 9Cobbelstone Structure Roads 10Cobbelstone Structure Roads 11
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