Frera 4HP 1914

Cix has a new resin kit of the Italian Frera 4HP 1914 .

The model is the civil version, in resin with photo etch parts and decals. It comes with a figure sculpted by Nino Pizzichemi (CixM008) with new parts: two new heads, new helmet, new arm, new glasses, and new decals «frera» for the t-shirt.

There is also a new figure of a WWI Italian Infantry Soldier with a donkey. This figure also comes with two heads to choose from.

Frera 4HP 1914 0Frera 4HP 1914 1Frera 4HP 1914 2Frera 4HP 1914 3Frera 4HP 1914 4Frera 4HP 1914 5Frera 4HP 1914 6Frera 4HP 1914 7
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