Новая книга - Tiran tanks in IDF service

Dr. Robert Manasherob turns his attention to the Tiran tanks in IDF service at a time when the models from MiniArt and Hobby Boss are in the shops. Take a look inside for the contents.

This is the first volume in the new series of ?Tiran tanks in IDF service? that covers the Tiran tanks that were based on captured Arab T-54, T-55 and T-62 tanks and operated by the Israeli Defence Forces for more than two decades.

Authored by Dr. Robert Manasherob, a world-recognized expert on Israeli military vehicles, this volume contains detailed descriptions of the development, rebuild, modification, operation and history of early Tiran 4 and Tiran 4 ?Shin? tanks during the late 1960s and early 1970s.

80 pages + 4 cover pages
More than 185 B&W and color photos
Dozens of unique and previously unpublished photos
Training photos
In-action photos
Parade and demonstration photos
Walk-around photos
1/35 scale line drawings
Tactical markings and camouflage
Detailed color profiles
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Новая книга - Tiran tanks in IDF service 0
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