Новая книга - Magach 6A/B in IDF Service

Desert Eagle Publishing announced their latest release covering Magach 6 variants in IDF service.

Magach 6A/B (M60A1/A1E2) in IDF service.
M60A1 in IDF service part 3

The book includes:
? Acquisition of the first long turreted Pattons.
? Magach 6Alef goes to war? the 600th Brigade and 87th reconnaissance Battalion. Photos never seen before.
? The story of tank צ-817831, that got hit 3 times and survived.
? The «Brown deals'? IDF largest tank acquisition in 1978.
? Magach 6Bet? 'Peace for Galilee operation'.
? Magach 6Bet 'Gal' photo album.
? Magach 6Bet Gal? details.
? Magach 6Bet 'Gal'? wrecks photo album.
? Magach 6Bet 'Gal' Batash.
? Magach Tagash? Patton AVLB 'Tzemed'.
? Magach 6Bet insignia.

Expected release date? January 10th.
84 pages? full color? excellent printing quality.

Authors: Michael Mass & Adam O'Brien

Новая книга - Magach 6A/B in IDF Service 0
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