Новинка от CMK - WWI 305mm Mortar

CMK have released a number of impressive 1:35 resin kits of WWI Austro-Hungarian artillery pieces, and now they have moved to 1:72 with a highly detailed kit of a 305mm mortar.

Austro-Hungarian WWI 30,5 cm Belagerungsm?rser M.11 (Skoda 30,5cm Haubitze) all resin kit
The 30.5cm M.11 M?rser was a large caliber howitzer and the Austro-Hungarian army had already been equipped with 24 of them by the time the First World War broke out. The howitzer was used not only by the Austro-Hungarian army on both the Russian and Italian front, but it was also in service with the German army which borrowed four batteries, each with two guns and crew, and put them rather successfully into action during the siege of Belgian fortified positions of Namur, Liege, Antwerp and Givet and also during the German bombardment of Verdun and Toul fortresses in France and Osowiec on the Eastern front.

This splendidly detailed rendition of the M.11 M?rser has been designed using our CAD 3D technology and a 3D printer. It rightfully stands on the very top as far as resin cast kits are concerned.

The kit allows the modeller to build it either in the firing position with its barrel pointing upwards or in the loading position with the barrel placed horizontally. The kit also contains a PE fret.

MV121 is due for release soon — Price: 34.60 Euros

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