Новые фигурки от Gecko Models - Modern British Troops

Gecko Models has sent Armorama news of their latest figure set that is in the works. On this occasion hey have left World War 2 behind and moved up to the present with a set of British Infantry in action.

Gecko Models has a set of four British Squaddies in a combat zone; most likely Afghanistan. The box top artwork is the only image we have at present. Looking at the image and judging by the fact that the last two figure sets were good matches for the artwork, this set looks to have a lot of promise. I looked at the uniform, gloves and equipment which all look good to me, even the basketball type boots now worn look very good. The other part of this offering that holds appeal for me is the fact that it is listed as set 1, and if I know Gecko Models it means a vehicle of some sort is in the offing as well as more troops.

35GM0015 — British Infantry in Combat circa 2010-2016 Set 1

Новые фигурки от Gecko Models - Modern British Troops 0
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