Новый набор красок - Colors for Modern British Military Vehicles

Presenting the latest from Hataka's Blue Line paint series.

Modern British Army & RAF AFV Paint Set (HTK-BS77). Colors available:

HTK-B271 BS Deep Bronze Green. BS381C:224, colour of British Army vehicles in Europe & Far East from 1955 till early-1970s. Also used by RAF 2nd TAF till 1958.

HTK-B145 RAF Blue-Grey. BS381C:633, colour of RAF vehicles in Europe & Far East from end of WW2 till early-1970s (in RAF 2nd TAF introduced in 1958).

HTK-B275 BS Golden Yellow. Used until 1960s on upper surfaces (mostly rooftops) or as an overall colour of RAF vehicles operating predominantly on airfields.

HTK-B237 BS Light Stone. BS381C:361, standard desert colour of post-WW2 British Army (used also during Operations Granby and Telic) and RAF vehicles.

HTK-B215 BS NATO (IRR) Green. BS381C:285, base colour of British Army & RAF vehicles since early-1970s. Used over Light Stone in desert scheme (Op Telic).

TK-B125 NATO Black. Used for disruptive shapes over NATO (IRR) Green in the standard scheme of majority of British Army vehicles since early-1970s.

HTK-B068 US Army Desert Sand. Used for desert camo of British vehicles under RAF command during Op Granby. Exact match with BS381C:380 (Op Telic / Herrick).

HTK-A153 Acrylic Temporary White. Washable (temporary) matt paint used to cover selected areas in improvised winter camouflage of various British Army AFVs.

The Hataka Blue Line paints are water-based acrylics, and are optimized for hand brush application.

Новый набор красок - Colors for Modern British Military Vehicles 0
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